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Lizzie Baer, Zimmiz Hair Designers

Lizzie Baer

Hair Designer

“I firmly believe that everyone who comes into my chair is there for a reason, and I love getting to know my clients and helping them find exactly the right style.”

Polina Champagne, Zimmiz Hair Designers

Polina Champagne

Hair Designer

A native of Ukraine, the multi-lingual Polina Champagne brings international flair and a great sense of humor to the Zimmiz salon family.

Kelli Crews

Senior Salon Coordinator

Whether at the front desk or in the back office, Kelli keeps a close eye on the business end of Zimmiz – and she loves handling the thousand and one details that keep Zimmiz running like clockwork.

Butler Darley, Zimmiz Hair Designers, Ponte Vedra

Butler Darley

Hair Designer

With excellent skills and a true passion for helping everyone look their best, Butler Darley is fast becoming a client favorite. Book an appointment with our rising star today!

Zimmiz Hair Designers, Ponte Vedra

Trish DiMartinis

Hair Designer

Whether you want the latest in bayalage and keratin smoothing treatments or an old school roller set, Trish DiMartinis can help. But there’s one thing she won’t do, and that is send you home with a style you can’t maintain on your own.

Aldina Dos Santos

Hair Designer

Aldina enjoys doing perms, color, cuts and styling, but says her real gift is communication. She has a talent for identifying what her clients want in order to provide the look they desire.

Alyssa Fleming, Hair Designer, Zimmiz Hair Design, Ponte Vedra, FL

Alyssa Fleming

Hair Designer

Alyssa (Aly) Fleming joined the Zimmiz family last year, right out of beauty school, and her creative flair and warm personality have made her a popular addition, even during the pandemic!

Jeanine Ganzelli, Zimmiz Hair Designers

Jeanine Ganzelli

Hair Designer

Jeanine Ganzelli thrives on finding solutions for her clients, whether it’s daring Halloween makeup, a bridal updo, or simply a new look for every day.

Liliana, Zimmiz Hair Designers, Ponte Vedra

Liliana Ivan

Hair Designer

If you think hair designer Liliana Ivan looks familiar, you aren’t imagining things. The Romanian-born stylist got her start at Zimmiz and was a client favorite for many years before leaving to start her own business.

Carol Lazo, Zimmiz Hair Designs

Carol Lazo

Technical Assistant

With a warm personality and capable hands, Carol Lazo is one of the people who make our salon so welcoming.

Lola Lilo, Zimmiz Hair Designers

Lola Lilo 

Salon Coordinator

Lola Lilo might be the first smile you see at Zimmiz Hair Designers. A native of Alabama, Lola has greeted clients and helped the salon run smoothly for over 10 years.

Danielle May, Zimmiz Hair Designers, Manicures & Pedicures

Danielle May

Nail Specialist

Asked to describe herself in a word, Danielle May immediately comes up with “perfectionist.”  We can’t think of a better quality in a nail specialist!

Diane Morsek, Zimmiz Hair Designers, Ponte Vedra

Diane Morsek

Hair Designer

As a color and highlight expert, Diane Morsek particularly enjoys helping clients create a new look. But she brings the same exacting standards to everything from a complete style makeover to a routine haircut.

Kelly Potthast, Zimmiz Hair Designers, Ponte Vedra, Manicures, Pedicures, Mani-Pedi

Kelly Potthast

Nail Specialist & Part-Time Salon Coordinator

Known for her attention to detail, Kelly is also famous for her long-lasting manicures and pedicures. Her devoted clients swear by her skill and love her great personality.

Ellie Streck, Zimmiz Hair Designers

Ellie Streck 

Hair Designer

Ellie is a color expert whose chair is usually filled with referrals and familiar faces. After nearly a lifetime as hair designer, she is still passionate about helping people look their best.

Kelsey Switzer

Hair Designer

An experienced hair designer, Kelsey has a brilliant eye for color, a passion for making you look great – and she also does beautiful nail art!

Becky Trampa Vercani, Zimmiz Hair Designers

Becky Trampa Vercani

Technical Assistant

A native of Albania, Becky is a local treasure for her friends and fans at Zimmiz. With decades of experience in the industry, Becky’s sunny personality and skilled hands make her a customer favorite.

Donna Zimmerman, Zimmiz Hair Designers

Donna Zimmerman

Owner, Hair Designer

With a heart for service, a love of fashion and a warm personality, Donna enjoys helping others look and feel their best.